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Can Grapefruit Really Help With Weight Loss?

Consuming grapefruits to help with weight loss has been around since the 1930's.
Even now many people swear by them as a dieting aide.
The question though is can the fruit really help you to lose weight or is it just another dieting myth? The answer to that question is yes and here's why.
Research has been conducted that shows that grapefruit has certain chemical properties that are believed to reduce insulin levels.
High insulin in your blood is what triggers your body to start storing food as fat.
Since the fruit can reduce these levels, your body is better able to regulate the processing of food, leading to more of it being used for energy and less stored as fat.
But the health benefits of grapefruit doesn't just stop with weight loss.
It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol and may also reduce the risk of certain cancers.
And let's not forget to mention it is also high in vitamin C, a known antioxidant.
To enjoy the its benefits, you can either eat a grapefruit or drink its juice with each meal.
Both are effective in keeping your insulin levels in check.
However, studies have shown that more weight loss was associated with those who consumed the whole grapefruit as oppose to just the juice.
As for the grapefruit themselves, their are basically two types, red and white.
The red is generally considered sweeter than the white, but some varieties have been crossed to produce a more sweeter and less tart tasting version of the fruit, like the Melogolds and Oroblancos.
So if the taste of a traditional grapefruit is not for you, there are some alternatives.
In short, to increase your weight loss, add grapefruits to your meals.
It will not only help you to lose more weight, but provide you with other health benefits as well.
Just keep in mind that the fruit is just another ingredient that can assist you in losing weight, not a magic bullet that will solve all your weight concerns.

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