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The first and foremost feature of the canopy bed has always been privacy. Canopy beds are intended to create a mini-room inside your master bedroom, which is why they often feature curtains you can draw to block prying eyes, dampen sound, retain heat and/or eliminate unwanted light. Canopies turn your bed into a tranquil retreat from the outside world, a useful property no matter what your sense of style entails.

Canopy beds typically come in a few distinct, easy-to-identify styles:

Four-poster canopy. This is the type of canopy bed you generally see in historical movies, looking swank and dramatic. The four-poster canopy may have a square frame, or even a detailed ceiling, supported on four high-rising bedposts at each corner of your bed. This is the most common style of canopy for the purpose of drawing curtains and cordoning off your sleeping area.

Crown canopies can be designed in several ways, but they all feature a central rise atop a triangular shape, looking much like the roof of a house. The ‘crown' in question may refer to a decorative embellishment on this rise, or simply to the rise itself. A crown canopy bed might or might not have a four-poster structure (see below), but the name is dependent on that middle rise. Many crown canopy beds feature curtains, though some frames are purely decorative and will not accept much weight. If you're unsure, ask your retailer.

A half-crown canopy refers to a similar central rise only on one side of the bed, usually above the headboard. A half-crown canopy is a decorative feature, and does not have the useful curtains of its full canopy cousin.

If you're worried that it's all too frilly, just relax. It's true that the canopy bed is a staple image of fairytales and an enduringly popular design in the rooms of young girls, but that's not the whole story. The modern canopy bed features a great number of design options that range from gothic and ornate to regal and dramatic to neutral and contemporary. Some newer models feature oval curtain tracks, interior lighting, and all kinds of classy features to perfectly accent your master bedroom.

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