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Preparing Yourself and Your Best Man For Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is one of the most significant events in your life and you want everything to be perfect. To make that possible, you have to give more time and effort in the wedding preparations. But how can you possibly do that without compromising your work schedule if you do not have a wedding planner? It does not have to be complicated. Just maximize your family, friends, and your best man.

The perfect person to help you with the wedding preparations is your best man. Because of this, you should be meticulous in choosing your guy. Experience in being a best man is not necessary; however this is a major advantage. In selecting your guy, you should make sure that he is responsible, reliable, fun, and lives close to where you are for easy and fast communication.

If you have selected a first-timer, then your bud would definitely need your guidance. Here are some ways in which you can assist him in assisting you.

Know the Basic Responsibilities of a Best Man

If this is the first time you are getting married and you have not been a best man before, chances are you have no clue of the best man's role as well. While the best man is a prominent role at your wedding, he also has more responsibility. He has a major contribution to the success of your event. His role goes beyond organizing your bachelor party and renting your tuxedoes. The best man will help do the things you don't have the time to do. He will coordinate your groomsmen, tip the wedding band, help with guests at the reception, and manage the wedding gifts by collecting them and storing them safely during and after the event. He'll fill-in the gaps when you simply can't be in two places at the same time.

Review His Responsibilities and Your Expectations

Once you already know his basic responsibilities, have a sit-down talk with your best man. I advise you each bring a pen and paper so it would be easier and faster for both of you to organize everything. Choose which specific tasks you need assistance and ask him if he can help you with it. It is important to discuss each task one by one so you know which ones to cross-off your list of things-to-do for the wedding preparation.

Make a Checklist

Lists are very helpful in organizing big events. It is the nature of most guys to be carefree and let things be, but this event would not work with that kind of attitude. You are organizing the most important event of your life so it's time to get organized. Make all kinds of lists you think is necessary to make it easier for both of you. Here are four very useful lists are: "Weekly Things to Do", "Things to Buy", "Things to Bring on the Wedding Day", and "People to Call".

Make a Calendar of Your Schedule

Now that you are both clear of all the tasks, it is time to set deadlines for each. When you set the deadlines, start from the day of the wedding and work backwards. It is advisable to set deadlines one week earlier so you would have at least enough time to fix things when something unexpected comes up (or doesn't come up).

By following these simple steps, you will surely have a successful event and you will definitely be less anxious of the wedding preparation. You will also help your best bud become the best man that you both want him to be. Trust me, wedding preparations will not be as much fun without your best bud beside you. So have fun and remember, the best man gets a special best man gift for all his extra work. His groomsmen gift should be extra special, so make it unique and personal.

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