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Instructions for 250-Watt Food Dehydrators

    • 1). Prepare the food for the dehydrator. Slice marinated meats or clean, raw vegetables thin for faster drying and a crispier end product. Thicker slices tend to retain chewiness after the drying is complete.

    • 2). Pat the surface of the sliced foods dry with a paper towel. Dip fruits or vegetables in pure lemon or lime juice to prevent browning. Allow the excess citrus juice to drip off.

    • 3). Line the trays of the 250-watt food dehydrator with a single layer of the sliced food product. Spread the pieces apart so there is a ½-inch of space between them.

    • 4). Cover and close the food dehydrator. Open the vents at the base and in the top to decrease the drying time. Plug in the food dehydrator.

    • 5). Power on the food dehydrator heating unit and fans. Most 250-watt food dehydrators have one power switch for both the heat and fans. Wait for eight hours.

    • 6). Open the dehydrator. Remove the fully dried items. Check on the foods in the dehydrator ever eight to 10 hours until they are fully dried.

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