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My First Contribution

Writing is regarded as the life-long work and ever-lasting interest in my life.
I love writing and enjoy the moment of write down those meaningful and interesting words.
I have always been fond of writing.
Ever since I was a little child, I like to scribble some meaningless words.
Later, when I was a little older, I pored over the famous stories, and admired the authors' writing technique and imagination.
I wished someday I could be a writer too.
There are many who had the same dream with me, but only few of those can be successful finally.
Only those who could stands with the hard life, the dull waiting, and the suffering from the disappointment and being doubt.
I well remember my first contribution to the newspaper, I had long dreamed of printing my name in the paper, but never had the courage to send in my rubbish.
Then came my primary school graduation, I wrote an essay on it.
It was rather childish and over sentimental, but my teacher thought it was not bad and encouraged me to send it to the newspaper.
After I had sent it to the children's page in one of the vernacular newspapers, I waited anxiously.
It did not appear until I almost gave up hope of it.
Then when it was printed, my long eager waiting was rewarded.
I received two dollars from my essay.
I treasured the two dollars as the rarest precious stone.
Since the first print of my work, I have continually sent in many articles.
I am not writing for money, but for the pleasure I derive from it.
The long waits, the frequent disappointments, the pleasant surprises and the final rewards all add up to the wonderful and lovely memories.
Oh, I can still revel in the day when I first say my work printed.

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