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Marriage Problems? How to Fix Them in Five Steps!

Consider this article your marriage problem how-to guide.
I hate divorce and will do everything I can keep a couple from divorce.
Divorce breaks hearts, and it destroys the children and their home.
You do not have to be a victim of divorce! These are marriage relationship principles that can change any problem marriage into a happy, loving relationship.
There is only one catch, you have to live by them.
You have to do them.
You have to put them into practice.
If you and your spouse can work on these together, great! If you are the only one willing to do what it takes to resolve your marriage problems, go for it! I have seen a multitude of couples go from troubled marriages to great ones because one spouse did the right thing.
Eventually the other followed.
Five Steps For Solving Marriage Problems Here is my brief "marriage problems how-to" outline.
I guarantee that if you put these five steps into practice, you will see positive changes...
and they usually happen pretty quick: Step 1: Examine yourself first.
Ask yourself, "What am I doing to improve my marriage and to make my spouse's life a happier one?" Also ask, "What things do I repeatedly do that I know displeases my spouse?" Step 2: Think of as many tangible ways as you can to show (without words) your spouse that you love him or her.
This means you will be doing things that make your spouse happy.
Now begin doing one kind, thoughtful thing every day.
This will do wonders for your relationship.
Step 3: If you know you have irritated, been harsh with, or criticized your spouse (especially in front of others) ask for forgiveness.
If you have been doing these things for a long time, it may take a while and lots of lovin' before your spouse really believes that you are sorry.
But that's okay, the rewards will be great.
Step 4: Spend some time thinking about your spouses good points.
You are looking for things that you can compliment your spouse for.
If you have been in the habit of criticizing your spouse, you may have a hard time thinking of good things to say.
Criticism can kill a marriage fast, but words can heal the scars.
Step 5: After you have done the above for three days or more, it's time for some daily "I love you's.
" "I love you's" are reserved for last because if your love isn't seen, your words will mean nothing.

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