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Types of Pool Lights


    • Illuminate your pool area with underwater lighting. Some units sit within your pool's return area. Colored lenses, such as red or blue, allow you to create a celebratory evening pool atmosphere on the 4th of July. Choose pool lights that give you enough illumination to safely swim at night. For example, if your pool is roughly 30-feet long, you will need to choose an underwater pool light that will cast a ray of light that's 30-feet long. Underwater swimming pool lights have varying light cone spreads as well, which you need to account for to safely illuminate your pool area for evening use.


    • Floating pool lights create ambiance while glowing and casting a multitude of bright colors onto a pool's surface. They float and move around, creating randomly intriguing areas of light within the water. Playful floating pool light styles include simple spheres, illuminated jellyfish, light show fountains, bright flower blooms and disco-style roaming lights. Scatter floating Chinese lanterns across your pool's water during your next big party. Solar power or low-voltage batteries and waterproof enclosures make floating lights safe.

    Fiber Optic and LED

    • LED and fiber optic pool lights instantly update outdated-looking pools by giving you control over the hue of your pool water. Colorizing pool lights are most effective in pools with lightly colored surfaces, such as white or light blue. Mix lighting colors by selecting two distinct ones for a pool and jacuzzi area. Illuminate your jacuzzi with a deep purple tone and your pool with a brilliant sea blue hue.

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