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Camping Rain Gear Tips

Every camper, hiker, survivalist, fisherman knows how critical it is to keep dry and should carry a wide variety of rain gear for this purpose.

Complete rain gear or at the minimum an emergency rain poncho are just a few of the many important survival and camping items to consider. Although often overlooked the importance of a good set of foul weather gear should not be underestimated. I know because I found out the hard way for years I used only cheep rain gear when we went camping and hiking and one trip into the mountains went really bad and a little more money spent on quality would have made all the difference in the world.

Every outdoor enthusiast knows how critical it is to keep dry! Make sure that quality camping rain gear []
is part if your camping hiking kit or any outing even if rain is not predicted. If you spend enough time camping, sooner or later you are going to encounter rain. I hate getting damp and cold at the campground, and I wouldn't think of heading out without packing my rain gear and you shouldn't either.

Have you ever been caught in your tent during a rain storm, and you had to make a run for the suv to get something, and you didn't have any rain gear handy? Wet and cold isn't fun.

What kind of rain gear are we talking about? Not much, really.

If you're into fishing, a little rain won't stop you, and you might prefer a rain suit consisting of a jacket, pants, and possibly a rain hat, which is less constricting than a hooded jacket.

If you're backpacking in rain country, you'll likely need an arsenal of rain gear, which might include a rain jacket, rain pants, a rain hat, gaiters, and a backpack cover. A Gore-Tex rain suit can run into hundreds of dollars so purchase according to your climate needs and usage.

A jacket is just one piece of my camping rain gear. One of the best investments that you can make is in a quality rain jacket.

You are likely going to wear this jacket at some point with your backpack on, so make sure that your pockets are high enough that your hip strap doesn't bother them. One plus of a good jacket is that it can often be used as part of a winter coat.

Prepare For The Worst

It may have been summer, and it may even be warm outside, but you still brought all those damp clothes back into the tent where it will eventually evaporate, condense on the walls, run down to the floor, and gather in little puddles here and there. Not a comfortable situation, is it? Rain gear would have helped avoid this. Camping rain gear can also be used as a survival shelter, for water, food gathering and so much more.

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