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Dispelling the Myth of Compensation Culture

Over the past few years the connotations of the word “compensation” have changed dramatically.
Traditionally, compensation was a positive concept used to recover the economic and real costs following an accident, but recently the word has gradually gained recognition of the wrong kind.
A strong lobby from interested parties puts forward the view that people make claims because they can and not because they need to.
Although there will always be people who try to take advantage of the system, thinking that this is the majority could not be further from the truth.
Personal Injury Claims Help Victims Get Fair Treatment Convincing the public that compensation claims are getting out of hand may have the effect of dissuading potential clients from making a claim which could dramatically help their circumstances.
This can only help liability insurers looking to reduce costs and increase profit.
A classic example is that claims made against the Health Service in regards to clinical negligence reduces the amount of money available to treat patients.
The alternative view is of course that instances of clinical negligence are rising and as a result people are suffering.
People can only make a successful claim if they have a legal right to do so.
Another common view is that the “no win no fee” policy has sparked a nation of compensation-mad citizens.
The truth is that many people suffer greatly as a result of an accident, not just physically but financially, and the legal system exists to help them.
Consider the Following Real Life Compensation Scenarios One unfortunate man suffered horrific injuries as a result of a shot-gun accident.
He nearly lost his leg and suffered not only physically butfinancially as well since he was unable to work for nearly twelve months.
He had no idea that he was entitled to compensation until he saw an advertisement on television.
Because this man picked up the phone and enquired about his legal rights, he consequently received over £35,000 in damages, which covered his loss of earnings and ensured that the medical treatment he required was comfortably paid for.
In many ways this man was extremely lucky because he made a full recovery, whereas other claimants are not so fortunate.
A less fortunate man was a victim of a drunk driver, who collided head on into his car leaving him severely paralysed from the waist down.
Although he still had some movement from the waist upwards, he will never walk again.
Consequently he required substantial medical treatment, and since he can never return to work, he faced a dramatic loss of future earnings.
This man was unsure of his legal rights and almost refrained from contacting a compensation specialist.
Luckily he did so, and as a result received almost £600,000 damages, ensuring he had financial stability for the rest of his life.
Get the Real Facts on Personal Injury Compensation These two cases are just a fraction of the incredible results Personal Injury Claim Solicitors [http://www.
asp] achieve but even smaller sums can be vital to somebody who has been away from work as a result of an accident.
People who believe the view that the “Compensation culture” is a result of the “No Win No Fee” policy are unaware of the real facts.
It is not easier to win a case brought under the no win no fee system and it must be noted that people do not receive compensation unless they have a worthy case.
Of course, there are timewasters who attempt to play the system, usually without success, but while the newspapers thrive in publishing stories about people who sue others for trivial reasons, they cunningly avoid mentioning that almost all of these cases fail.
Less newsworthy appears to be the thousands of cases where innocent victims receive help following a life changing accident.

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