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How to Request an Extension on a Traffic Ticket in Los Angeles

    • 1). Navigate to the Los Angeles Superior Court website.

    • 2). Click the link that reads "Request Extension" under the "Traffic" section on the right of the page.

    • 3). Read the options listed on the page, and decide which one applies to you. You have the choice to click "Request Appearance Date Extension," "Request Fine Payment Extension" or "Request Traffic School Extension."

    • 4). Click the appropriate link, and a pop-up window with the site's User Agreement will show up. Read the user agreement, and click "I agree" to continue.

    • 5). Look through the choices on the drop-down menu, and select the court location that is listed on the top of your traffic ticket. Once you have selected the appropriate court location, click "Submit."

    • 6). Enter the citation number, the law-enforcement agency that issued the ticket and your date of birth. This will help the system pull up your ticket. Click "Submit."

    • 7). Verify that you wish to request an extension. The website grants a 60-day extension for appearing in court, a 90-day extension for paying a traffic ticket and a 30-day extension for completing a traffic school course. If the option to extend your due date does not come up, you are likely ineligible.

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