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Travelers are very familiar with the frequent flyer credit card.
It is a credit card that is issued by a card company, in collaboration with a major airline, or issued by the airline itself, to allow a person to avail of the airline's services, yet pay for it at a later date.
Businessmen are the usual people who avail of this kind of card since they always travel to take care of work related matters in various places and with various clients.
So that the frequent flyer credit card would be fully used, the issuing company gives incentives like free travels or free stays at a certain hotel if a cardholder accumulates a certain number of miles.
But how can a frequent flyer cardholder get the mileage points quickly? 1)Use hotels and car rentals - airline-specific cards, or flyer cards that are tied to a certain airline, are often also connected to certain hotels and car rental services as a form of advertising and patronage strategy.
If a cardholder checks-in a hotel that is part of the card's mileage point accumulation scheme, he should put the hotel charges on the credit card.
As much as possible, if there is an available car rental service that is tied up with the frequent flyer card, charge the rental fees to the card.
These will help the holder rack up a hefty amount of points per travel.
2)Avail of vacation or tour packages - those typical 2-day, 3-night stays at a certain resort, vacation spot, or country help an airline-specific cardholder accumulate more mileage points for his frequent flyer card.
It sure is a great thing to enjoy yourself in an exotic location, eat great food, experience the locality's culture, and when you get home, be assured that you didn't just spend money.
Your vacation is earning you some points that will give you better and maybe free vacations in the future! Now you have a good reason to keep on traveling and going on vacations.
3)Charge travel related expenses to your frequent flyer card - if you don't travel that often, or just travel during certain times of the year, it also helps to rack up points by putting your expenses during your travel on the credit card.
If you bought some souvenirs, charge it to the card.
If the car ran out of gas, just refill the gas tank and pay for it using your credit card.
Bought, some groceries, charge it to the credit card.
These will help you accumulate mileage points for your frequent flyer card.
4)Travel as often as possible - Most businessmen and executives can avail of the benefits of a frequent flyer credit card since they always travel.
Business meetings here, conferences in the next state, branch visits in another state, working out deals overseas, and a lot more help the busy executive rack up mileage points that will soon translate to free plane tickets, or free stays in a hotel, or any other benefits that a frequent flyer card offers to its cardholder.
If you can frequently travel, keep on traveling!Just charge all your plane tickets to your frequent flyer card.
This will help you accumulate more than twenty thousand (20,000) miles in a year!Now that's a sound deal to payoff all the hard work you have done for the company! So what are you waiting for?If you have the time, money, and reasons to go somewhere via the airplane, book a ticket and start traveling! You'll be glad you brought out the traveler in you!

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