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Attract Your Ex Boyfriend By Pushing His Hot Buttons - Get Him Back Using Male Psychology

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back after a breakup, get inside his mind and make him think the way you want him to think. To do that you will need to use male psychology to push his hot buttons. This is not anything mysterious or hard to do. In fact, you already know how to do it. Let me remind you of how you have used this before.

When you met your ex boyfriend, what did you do? You noticed that he was attracted to you, but you pretended not to be interested in him. That made him desire you even more and soon he was consumed with the desire to win your heart. But, men can be hard to keep around. They are natural rovers and they love a challenge.

As a woman you want to feel secure and be loved and give your love. The problem becomes, how much love should you show your boyfriend. When you become too loving, he begins to take you for granted and boredom sets in. But keeping your man or getting him back when he has strayed is not as difficult as it may seem.

Male psychology will teach you that men always want what they can't have. When he broke up with you, your ex probably thought you loved him so much you would take him back any time. Your ex boyfriends pride and ego are two of his hot buttons. If you ignore him and do not try to get him back, he will wonder why you no longer love him.

When he broke up with you your ex boyfriend expected you to be crying and begging for his love. When you just move on with your life as if he no longer exists, he will feel rejected. By making him think you no longer want him, you will be pushing his same hot buttons you pushed when he first met you.  He won't be able to stop thinking of you and by ignoring him just as you did then, he will start to desire you again.

Male psychology will also tell you that men cannot stand rejection. Although he broke up with you, it will be your ex boyfriend that is feeling dumped. He will not like the feeling of having his ex girlfriend rejecting and dumping him, but it will make him realize that he is still in love with you. This will make him call you.

You will be delighted to have him call, but you can't show it. Remain calm and when he suggests that you meet for a talk, use some more male psychology and put him off. This will take a lot of strength, but it gives you the control. When you do agree to meet him, your ex boyfriend will be trying to convince you to take him back.

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