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Colleges for Paleontology in Ohio

    Ohio State University

    • The School of Earth Science at Ohio State University is consistently ranked as one of the top places to study paleontology in the United States. Though the school doesn't have a division specifically for the discipline, classes in paleontology are offered through the division of Earth history at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Research opportunities in paleontology at Ohio State University include paleontologic preparation and other forms of geochemical analysis.

      OSU School of Earth Sciences

      275 Mendenhall Laboratory

      125 South Oval Mall

      Columbus, OH 43210


    University of Cincinnati

    • The Department of Geology at the University of Cincinnati offers studies in paleontology at the bachelor, master, and doctorate levels. Paleontology studies at the school focus on paleobiology and evolutionary paleoecology. Like subjects offered by the interdisciplinary department include quaternary geology, geomorphology and tectonics. Faculty at the department published more than 100 research papers between 2008 and 2010. The University of Cincinnati graduate program in geology prepares students to enter doctorate programs, teach geosciences, or work in the field, as per individual preference.

      Department of Geology

      102 McMicken Hall, PO Box 210037

      Cincinnati, OH 45221


    Ohio University

    • Ohio University offers studies in paleontology at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The paleontology program at the school is spread through three disciplines, and as such a specific paleontology degree does not exist. Rather, Ohio University awards graduate and undergraduate degrees in environmental and plant biology, biological sciences and geological sciences with an emphasis in paleontology. Paleontology courses available at Ohio University include paleobiogeography, ichthyology and plant biology. Research opportunities are available in paleoecology and paleoclimatology, taphonomy and systematics and phylogenetics.

      Ohio University

      1 Park Place Drive

      Athens, OH 45701-2979


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