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Fun Go Kart Racing

    Winning for Fun

    • If you are a competitive person who hangs out with competitive people, then driving well at the track is a must. Start position is important, and knowing how to get the maximum effort out of the vehicle is key. Start by pressing down on the top, upper right part of the accelerator. This will create the greatest speed. When handling a banked curve, try to ride to the top of the curve before making your turn, then hug the interior wall on the down turn. On a regular curve, make the turn just after the nose of the vehicle gets to the curve.

    Relay Driving

    • In relay driving, drivers form two-person teams, who each drives a set number of laps. To win, your team must demonstrate speed--both on the track and in the "pit" during transition. Before starting your relay, establish ground rules for switching cars as well as the number of laps that can be raced.

    Try Indoors

    • While the majority of tracks are outdoors and are a feature of a "fun park," a growing number of tracks are going indoors, where both the variety and the surface of tracks are enhanced. You can typically rent go-karts and tracks for less than $10 per 30 minutes.

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