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I recently returned from an extended trip to Washington DC, where I accompanied my mother who is a state officer in the Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR).
She was attending the annual Continental Congress at Constitution Hall.
The DAR is a fantastic service organization that is dedicated to the betterment of all Americans through it's objectives of education, historic preservation, and patriotism.
Each member can be traced back to a descendent from the Revolutionary War.
Ever since our early school days, we have all seen grand pictures of impressive monuments in DC dedicated to our founding fathers.
These pictures have become so well-known that they instantly spark thoughts of patriotism, freedom, and our national identity.
One could almost say that we are so used to these images that we take them for granted.
Imagine my awe-inspired emotional gasps when visually consuming these very same American icons for the very first time in person!I have traveled many places in my life; however, Washington DC had never really been on my "must see" list.
When given the opportunity this summer, I certainly agreed to go, but wasn't overly eager.
But while walking down the streets, I found myself with an overwhelming feeling of being impressed and amazed at all of the beautiful, stately, and HUGE symbols of America.
I was instantly struck again with the notion that we do live in the greatest nation on earth and that we enjoy unprecedented freedoms and we should thank God everyday.
I don't mean to alienate or ignore my international friends and associates.
I'm sure that everyone feels the same way towards their own country.
I've been to many of them and have loved their own great attributes.
It was during this time of patriotic reverence that I had the great fortune to spend the 4th of July afternoon at Mount Vernon, wandering through the house and gardens of our first president George Washington.
That evening, I sat with 500,000 other revelers on the Mall for the fireworks extravaganza.
As the booms and explosions of bright colors lit the sky in kaleidoscope fashion, and the spirited music keeping perfect time with each new flare, it hit me with meteoric intensity that this day 230 years ago made everything we know today possible.
Our lives, our families, friends, homes, and even our businesses exist today because of the heroic sacrifices of our forefathers.
The financial successes we savor are possible because of the freedoms so gallantly fought for and won.

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