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Increasing the Traffic to the Website in the Simplest Way Possible: LSI Keyword Articles

By definition, LSI otherwise known as latent semantic index is an algorithm that makes use of synonyms and other related keywords in order to establish the pertinence of a webpage or documents to a determined search.
Currently, the LSI keyword article is a SEO method often employed for attaining more traffic on a website and hence, a higher rank in the SERP.
The reason for this is quite simple: instead of respecting a certain keyword density that will not make the search engine bots consider the website spam and still show up in the search results, using relevant synonyms makes the content easier to read.
The process of gathering appropriate synonyms to include in the LSI keyword articles always begins with finding the appropriate terms on the adequate keyword research tools.
While it is true that there are several free keyword research tools available, the most important synonyms that will get you the best results are usually the ones provided by the Google AdWords tool.
Another set of relevant terms that you should prioritize and use in the content for a website are the ones that typically get more searches over extended periods.
However, take note that it is futile to optimize a keyword or phrase that normally gets millions of hits.
The correct approach implies selecting 10 or 15 terms that you combine in phrases found in the research.
Besides the actual search for the synonyms that are to be included in the LSI keyword articles, webmasters should also pay attention to the way they integrate them in the content.
A natural introduction means that you are not to repeat the same keyword throughout the text, but replace it regularly with similar terms.
Essentially, the idea of using relevant terms is to pick the ones that will fall naturally within the content of the website.
Nonetheless, it is worth pointing out that in order to show up in users' searches and search engines bots indexing, the keywords must be included in the titles of the articles as well as in the first 100 words of the texts.
While using synonyms is one of the best methods to getting quality content on the website that will appeal to the target audience, a certain keyword density is still required.
If the key phrases you selected do not show up as often as you see fit, then it is important to increase their incidence in the content.
When the main keyword does not quite fit in a sentence of phrase, the best course of action is to use a close relevant term as provided by the search engine.
At the same time, make sure that the keyword density does not exceed 5%, as according to Google standards for instance, the optimal density is between 3% and 5%, while higher values are considered spam.
Both the main keyword and the synonyms enter the 5% recommended keyword density.
For quality content, you should also make sure that the non-keywords are not repeated too often as well.
While you do not have to bother with words such as "the" or "your, it is important to find relevant terms for words that are figuring too highly.

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