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Teeth Whitening - A Simple But Effective Way to Restore the Natural Good Looks of Your Teeth

Teeth whitening treatment are an effective way of removing stubborn stains and improving the way your teeth looks. They are of course the most effective way to improve your smile.

Staining of the teeth is caused by a number of factors. While age is a natural teeth darkener because of years of accumulation of stains that build up on the teeth it is also important to know that your teeth are genetically predisposed to a certain color range.

Your natural teeth color will deepen with time. Teeth that are thin and translucent are the ones on which stains show up more prominently. With the passage of time these stains become more obvious. Thicker teeth respond much better to teeth whitening procedures.

There are many other reasons for staining of the teeth including regular use of certain types of food and drinks, medications, teeth grinding and trauma to the teeth. Teeth whitening can be carried out in many ways. Quick whitening procedures employed at the office of the Los Angeles dentist include using a high concentration of peroxide gel which is applied to the teeth directly. Care is taken to protect the gums so that they are not affected by the gel during the teeth whitening process.

While teeth having stubborn stains may require a second visit, excellent results are usually achieved during a one hour teeth whitening session at the best Los Angeles dentist clinic. Professional Los Angeles dentists may also give patients a teeth whitening kit for use at home. This kit consists of bleaching trays and low concentration of peroxide gels that remain on the teeth for one hour at least. Sometimes the trays need to be left on the teeth overnight.

Teeth bleaching products when used properly can change the color of your teeth anywhere from five to seven shades. In some instances, it is even possible to make the teeth brighter by twelve shades.

It is important to get your teeth evaluated by expert cosmetic dentists because not everyone is an ideal candidate for bleaching. In some cases where the teeth is discolored extensively or pitted, it is better to go in for veneers because bleaching may not work and may in fact cause further damage to the color of your teeth. Moreover, patients who have crowns, bridges and fillings cannot get a comprehensive bleaching.

Teeth whitening may appear to be a simple dental process but when done by experienced Los Angeles dentists can make a huge difference to the looks and quality of your teeth. Approaching the right Los Angeles dentist is crucial for best results.

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