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Tips on Building Business Credit without Personal Guarantee

Many financial companies that are offering corporate business credit provide such loans to applicants who meet their requirements and conditions. As much as they can, financial companies make it a point to help borrowers on building business credit without personal guarantee as well as go through the process without too much difficulty. More often than not, financial companies consider borrowers as already vulnerable to problems; thus, these companies no longer add up to the burdens of borrowers by asking too many documents and checking on past financial records.

The Small Business Administration is a financial agency, which has been established by the federal government. It has been built to look after the welfare of small businesses, making them entitled to apply for small business loans. The Small Business Administration is expected to support potential small business borrowers. For instance, if the borrower who is having difficulty on paying his/her business loan due to an unaccommodating repayment schedule, the borrower can put his case up for the agency to consider. Prior to making a final decision, the Small Business Administration gives a thorough review of the case, mostly for the benefit of the small business borrower.

Financial companies especially those that offer business credit are aware that borrowers do not want to involve their personal loans with business loans. Most borrowers maintain two accounts for their personal and business credit. In the event that a borrower keeps the same credit account for personal and business uses, financial companies are usually tied when it comes to approving or rejecting loans. This is specifically true when the borrower has a bad personal credit.

On the other hand, if the borrower has two separate credit accounts for personal and business uses, financial companies may not mind whether the borrower has bad personal credit history as long as the company has a good credit history and the loan doesn't require a personal guarantee.

Most financial credit companies look into the past records of a borrower who plans on building business credit without personal guarantee although credit history does not weigh too much. These companies usually take into consideration the present financial capability of the borrower and his/her business practices. For instance, financial credit companies see to it if the borrower pays business bills properly. An impressive credit score is given to borrowers who pay business bills on time.

Building business credit without personal guarantee can be realized if the credit score of the borrower reaches a certain credit score. This credit mark can be obtained if the borrower maintains payment of bills within the agreed terms and schedule. Creditors provide good scores to such borrower and pass the scores to lending agencies. If a borrower does not have a business credit card system, it is advisable to acquire one in order to help reach the higher scores. Once a borrower reaches the desired credit score, financial companies have the option to reduce the interest rates as well as agree on a flexible repayment schedule.

Ultimately, it may not be as difficult to establish business credit especially if the borrower intends to do it without personal guarantee as long as the tips mentioned are followed.

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