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Short Sexy Ladies' Hairstyles from the '50s


    • The bouffant was worn in the '50s by famous women such as First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Bigger was definitely considered better in this style. Hair was teased and piled high on the head to give an appearance of height and volume. The rest of the hair hung down on the sides, usually grazing the shoulders, or was tied with a chiffon scarf.

    Beehive and Bob

    • The beehive and bob looks became popular in the late '50s, paving the way for hairstyles that were all the rage in the '60s. The beehive is a large tower of hair, in the shape of a beehive on top of the head. It was popularized by singer Dusty Springfield. Although the beehive could be done with hair of most lengths, it was the forerunner of the bob, a short chin-length cut that was routinely puffed just like the beehive.

    Shirley Temple Curls

    • Shirley Temple was known as "America's little darling" and her haircut was similarly beloved by American mothers. Little girls and young ladies were routinely given short cuts and permanents to curl their hair, with a part on the side. The resulting curls were springy and tight.

    Page Boy

    • The page boy was popularized by film star June Allison. This cut features earlobe length hair that frames the face as well as cropped bangs. It was similar to the pixie cut popularized by Audrey Hepburn and Gina Lollobrigida. The pixie cut was of a similar length to the page boy, but featured small curls framing the face, known as spit curls.

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