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Newly released paperbacks in science-fiction and fantasy this week include books by Joe Abercrombie, Daniel Abraham, Howard Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, James Barclay, Dana Marie Bell, Danny Birt, John Blackburn, Jack Campbell, Orson Scott Card, Jocelynn Drake, Steven Harper, Barb Hendee, Jean Johnson, Chip Kidd, Dave Taylor, Gini Koch, Nancy Kress, Stephen Leigh, Tom Lloyd, Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michelle Sagara, Robert Silverberg, Terry Spear, Lynn Viehl, Jo Walton, David Weber, Laura Wright, Charles Yu, and more.

Red Country
By Joe Abercrombie
Gollancz, 464 pages, May 16.
More info (hardcover release).

The Tyrant's Law
By Daniel Abraham
Series: The Dagger and the Coin.
Orbit, 528 pages, May 14.

The Alteration
By Kingsley Amis, William Gibson (Introduction)
Series: New York Review Books Classics.
NYRB Classics, 256 pages, May 7.

Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective
By Christine Amsden
Paladin Timeless Books, 260 pages, May 15.

Albert of Adelaide
By Howard Anderson
Twelve, 240 pages, May 14.
More info (hardcover release).

Tucker's Grove
By Kevin J. Anderson
Phoenix Pick, 180 pages, May 6.

Beyond the Mists of Katura
By James Barclay
Series: Elves.
Gollancz, 368 pages, May 16.

By Ken Baumann
Tyrant Books, 200 pages, May 14.

By Dana Marie Bell
Series: Halle Shifters.
Samhain Publishing, 264 pages, May 7.

By Richard James Bentley
Exterminating Angel Press, 320 pages, May 7.

Queeroes 2
By Steven Bereznai
Lethe Press, 292 pages, May 18.

Beginning an Ending
By Danny Birt
Dark Quest, LLC, 384 pages, May 10.

The Face of the Lion
By John Blackburn, Greg Gbur (Introduction)
Valancourt Books, 132 pages, May 14.


Hearts of Shadow
By Kira Brady
Series: Deadglass.
Zebra, 352 pages, May 7.

Generation V
By M.L. Brennan
Roc, 320 pages, May 7.

The Serene Invasion
By Eris Brown
Solaris, 0 pages, May 9.

The Lost Fleet
By Jack Campbell
Series: Beyond the Frontier:.
Titan Books Ltd, 400 pages, May 10.

Ender's Game MTI
By Orson Scott Card
Series: Ender Wiggins Quartet.
Tor Teen, pages, May 7.

By John Guy Collick
Series: The Book of the Colossus, Volume 1.
John Guy Collick, 372 pages, May 7.

By Madison Daniel
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, 314 pages, May 6.

The Lost Fragrance
By Amit Dasgupta
Wisdom Tree Publishers, 224 pages, May 15.

The Motions of a Reckless Soul
By Zachary James Davis
Tate Publishing, 212 pages, May 7.

Dangerous Habits
By Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis, Various
Series: John Constantine/Hellblazer Vol. 5.
Vertigo, 352 pages, May 14.

"Throw the book away": Reading versus Experience in Children's Fantasy
By Amie A. Doughty
McFarland, 208 pages, May 7.

Dead Man's Deal
By Jocelynn Drake
Series: The Asylum Tales.
Harper Voyager, 384 pages, May 7.

The Fictional Man
By Al Ewing
Solaris, 336 pages, May 7.

The Zodiac Paradox
By Christa Faust
Series: Fringe Novel #1.
Titan Books, 368 pages, May 14.

Dead Silent
By Dean Fetzer
Series: the Jaared Sen Quartet, Volume 4.
GunBoss Books, 312 pages, May 7.

Goodbye for Now
By Laurie Frankel
Anchor, 304 pages, May 7.

The Battle of Tull
By Robin Furth, Peter David, Michael Lark
Series: Dark Tower/The Gunslinger.
Marvel, 136 pages, May 7.

By Gloria H. Giroux
Series: Prequel to the Chay Trilogy., 624 pages, May 7.

CBC: If One Survives
By JEC Hall
GJB Publishing, 488 pages, May 8.

The Havoc Machine
By Steven Harper
Series: A Novel of the Clockwork Empire.
Roc, 400 pages, May 7.

The Dog Stars
By Peter Heller
Series: Vintage Contemporaries.
Vintage, 336 pages, May 7.

The Mist-Torn Witches
By Barb Hendee
Roc, 336 pages, May 7.

Taken by a Vampire
By Joey W. Hill
Series: Vampire Queen.
Berkley Trade, 480 pages, May 7.

Shield of Sea and Space
By Erin Hoffman
Series: The Chaos Knight Book Three.
Pyr, 300 pages, May 7.

The Queen's Pawn
By R. J. Hore
Champagne Books, 262 pages, May 6.

Nightfall Gardens
By Allen Houston
Series: Volume 1.
Flycatcher Books, 250 pages, May 10.

By Sara Humphreys
Series: The Amoveo Legend.
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 288 pages, May 7.

Black Magic
By Russell James
Samhain Publishing, 280 pages, May 7.

By P. F. Jeffery
Series: The Warriors of Love.
Chomu Press, 436 pages, May 15.

The Tower
By Jean Johnson
Series: Guardians of Destiny.
Berkley Trade, 384 pages, May 7.

Ningen's Nightmares
By J. P. Kalonji, Dan Jackson (Artist)
Dark Horse, 120 pages, May 7.

Batman: Death by Design
By Chip Kidd, Dave Taylor
DC Comics, 112 pages, May 14.
More info (hardcover release).

Holiday Wars
By Scott King, Michael Odom, Arturo Said, Giuseppe Pica
Series: Volume 1 - The Holiday Spirit.
Th3rd World Studios, 176 pages, May 14.

Writers Workshop of Science Fiction & Fantasy
By Michael Knost, Matthew Perry, Bonnie Wasson
Seventh Star Press, LLC, 276 pages, May 14.

Alien in the House
By Gini Koch
DAW, 544 pages, May 7.

Future Perfect: Six Stories of Genetic Engineering
By Nancy Kress
Phoenix Pick, 246 pages, May 6.

False Idols and Other Short Stories
By Tony LaRocca
Tony LaRocca, 198 pages, May 9.

The Truth Sayers Series
By Dr. Sharron Larter Akers
Tate Publishing, 272 pages, May 7.

Shadow Chaser
By Jerel Law
Series: Son of Angels, Jonah Stone.
Thomas Nelson, pages, May 7.

Assassins' Dawn
By Stephen Leigh
DAW, 624 pages, May 7.

The Dominators
By Paul Levitz, Francis Portela, Scott Kolins
Series: The New 52/Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 2.
DC Comics, 192 pages, May 14.

The Dusk Watchman
By Tom Lloyd
Series: Twilight Reign.
Gollancz, 672 pages, May 9.

Fallen King
By Eric Lorenzen
Series: Cirian War Saga, Volume 1.
Reader Hill, 586 pages, May 8.

The Reason is You
By Sharla Lovelace
Berkley, 320 pages, May 7.

Time Thief
By Katie MacAlister
Series: A Time Thief Novel.
Signet, 352 pages, May 7.

By Rory B. Mackay
Cosmic Egg Books, 384 pages, May 16.

Heart of Iron
By Bec McMaster
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 448 pages, May 7.

The Ballad of Halo Jones
By Alan Moore, Ian Gibson, Lauren Beukes
2000 AD Graphic Novels, 208 pages, May 9.

The Outer Rims
By Clint Morey
47North, 388 pages, May 14.

Solyra's Liberty
By Keates Nelson
Winding Waters Books, 296 pages, May 8.

In Search of Alania
By Timothy R. Oesch
Tate Publishing, 264 pages, May 7.

Gantz Volume 27
By Hiroya Oku, Chris Warner
Dark Horse, 232 pages, May 7.

The Black List
By Salvatore Pane, Mark Kleman, Amanda Hendrix, Lamair Nash (Artist)
Arcana Studio, 112 pages, May 7.

The Summer Man
By S.D. Perry
47North, 498 pages, May 7.

By Michele Poague
Series: The Healing Crystal Trilogy, Book Three., 596 pages, May 8.

The Phoenix Pick Anthology of Classic Science Fiction Stories: Verne, Wells, Kipling, Hawthorne & More
By Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Abrose G. Bierce, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Frank Lillie Pollack, E. M. Forster, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, H. P. Lovecraft, Paul Cook
Phoenix Pick, 208 pages, May 7.

Oberon's Dreams
By Aaron Pogue
Series: The Godlanders War.
47North, 291 pages, May 7.

The Long Earth [Import]
By Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter
Corgi, 400 pages, May 14.

The Science of Discworld [Import]
By Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen
Ebury Press, 416 pages, May 6.

The Science of Discworld II: The Globe [Import]
By Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen
Ebury Press, 368 pages, May 6.

The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch [Import]
By Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, Jack Cohen
Ebury Press, 352 pages, May 6.

Gambit of the Glass Crowns
By Ethan Risso
Series: Volume One of The Sundered Kingdoms Trilogy.
Rookpen Publishing, 370 pages, May 6.

By Aaron Rosenberg, Scott Pearson, Lawrence M Schoen, Janna Silverstein, Steven H Wilson, Robert Greenberger, Paul Kupperberg, Lorraine J Anderson, Phil Giunta, Steve Lyons, David McDonald, Kelly Meding, William Leisner
Series: Beyond Borders, Volume 2.
Crazy 8 Press, 430 pages, May 9.

Becalmed: A Diving Universe Novella
By Kristine Kathryn Rusch
WMG Publishing, 108 pages, May 8.

Five Goofy Science Fiction Stories
By Kristine Kathryn Rusch
WMG Publishing, 136 pages, May 8.

The Spires of Denon
By Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Series: A Diving Universe Novella.
WMG Publishing, 178 pages, May 8.

By Michelle Sagara
Series: The Queen of the Dead.
DAW, 304 pages, May 7.
More info (hardcover release).

Blood of Princes
By A. J. Shand, Outside the Box publications, Doodlemoose Designs, David Griffin (Assistant), Colin Sheridan (Assistant)
Series: Legacy of the Three, Volume 1.
Outside the Box Learning Resources Limited, 358 pages, May 7.

Fire Within
By Ally Shields
Etopia Press, 300 pages, May 7.

Gilgamesh the King
By Robert Silverberg
Open Road Media, 424 pages, May 14.

By Robert Silverberg
Open Road Media Iconic Books, 270 pages, May 14.

Tales of Majipoor
By Robert Silverberg
Roc Trade, 320 pages, May 7.

Running Wild
By Joely Skye
Series: Northern Shifters.
Samhain Publishing, 200 pages, May 7.

Legends of Lasniniar: Her Rightful Place
By Jacquelyn Smith
Series: The World of Lasniniar.
WaywardScribe Press, 44 pages, May 9.

A Highland Werewolf Wedding
By Terry Spear
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 352 pages, May 7.

My Supplier
By Sarah Stefaniak
Tate Publishing, 358 pages, May 7.

First Blood: Birth of the Vampire 1732-1897
By Bram Stoker, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Asa Merritt
Phoenix Pick, 554 pages, May 7.

The Ridge
By Eleanor Tombs, 262 pages, May 8.

The Wretched
By Dana Trantham
Series: The Kell Stone Prophecy Book Two.
Wayward Cat Publishing, 314 pages, May 9.

By Lynn Viehl
Series: Lords of the Darkyn Book 9.
Signet Select, 336 pages, May 7.

By Jo Walton
Tor Books, 320 pages, May 14.

House of Steel
By David Weber
Series: The Honorverse Companion.
Baen, 576 pages, May 7.

Dinocalypse Now
By Chuck Wendig, John Adamus, Christian N. St Pierre
Evil Hat Productions, LLC, 200 pages, May 7.

To Say Nothing of the Dog
By Connie Willis
Gollancz, 0 pages, May 9.

Eternal Demon
By Laura Wright
Series: Mark of the Vampire Book 5.
Signet, 384 pages, May 7.

Sorry Please Thank You: Stories
By Charles Yu
Series: Vintage Contemporaries.
Vintage, 240 pages, May 7.

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space
By H. Peter Alesso
Series: Henry Gallant Saga, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 332 pages, May 10.

By Morgan Alreth
Series: The Unfortunate Woods, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 312 pages, May 10.

By M. L. Chesley
Series: Shadow of the Rose, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 316 pages, May 6.

The Sack
By Gwen Choate
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 226 pages, May 9.

Proving Ground
By Aaron Chumbris
Series: Nanotech, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 350 pages, May 9.

Humanity Gone
By Derek Deremer
Series: Facade of Order Volume 2.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 314 pages, May 8.

I, Minion
By Lewis Dix
Series: The Minion Chronicles, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 54 pages, May 10.

By R. E. Doc Harris
Series: Direct Descendants Volume 3.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 238 pages, May 10.

Scion Chronicles
By E C Gladden
Series: Blue Smoke.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 356 pages, May 8.

By Cyndi Goodgame
Series: The Fey Court Trilogy Volume 3.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 318 pages, May 7.

Guardian: A Companion to Deception
By Cyndi Goodgame
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 236 pages, May 7.

The Thirteenth Song
By Emily R. Harvey
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 232 pages, May 9.

Dead Medium: Not Your Average Ghost Story
By Peter John
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 156 pages, May 10.

Beneath a Persian Sun
By Ty Johnston
Series: a John Dee Tale.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 30 pages, May 10.

By Miranda Kavi
Series: Rua series, Volume 2.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 188 pages, May 9.

Even in Darkness There's Light
By Zondra Mae
Series: Waking Darkness, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 256 pages, May 9.

By Zan McDowell
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 178 pages, May 8.

The Scales of Six
By Rosean Mile
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 416 pages, May 7.

Haedyn's Choice
By Jennifer L. Oliver
Series: The Haedyn Chronicles.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 210 pages, May 7.

The Chance
By K . Ritchie
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 228 pages, May 8.

By Frankie Rose
Series: Blood and Fire Series, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 354 pages, May 9.

The Locked Box
By S. Lee White
Series: The Willa Caper Series, Volume 1.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 500 pages, May 9.

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