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UK business visitors are definitely welcome to engage in legal business transactions according to the sanctions of the UK immigration law.
UK is a global financial and commercial hub and many businessmen and women travel thousands of miles to do business.
There are many rules and requirement if you want to do business in the UK, either to start up a business and live there or as a visitor for a business deal.
But first your country must be on the list that requires an entry clearance and a visa in order to visit the UK as a businessman.
The UK Border agency is responsible for implementing the UK Immigrations law on visas regarding UK Business visitors and you can make inquiries before buying your ticket and complete all the requirements because the laws are exacting.
In this category, there are only a few main but firm attributes why you want to visit the UK on a business: - You represent your company for a global conference or meetings - Your visit would only mean to close a deal or sign a contract - Your purpose is to carry out an ocular inspection of the facilities or merchandise for your company - You have an appointment for an interview - You will leave UK when the business is done or until the six months time allowance expires There are also other requirements that a UK business visitor must accomplish much like all the applicants of other visa categories.
For the business visitor, you must not manufacture any goods and sell it to the UK market nor provide or offer to do services and you have no intention of staying in the UK for a long time or settle.
If you are a regular business visitor, you will have no problems at all.
There are other provisions in the UK Immigration law, for instance, you will be the guest of honour or as a speaker in a convention.
Here are the requirements for the Visa application for the UK business visitors: - You must obtain a Visitor Form or VAF1 or you can order it online and you have to fill it our with the following: - You must fill out where you will be staying in the UK - You must also mention the name of the company, location of the convention, business type and address of the company hosting the convention - Your purpose of visiting the UK - full explanation If you are a visitor on business and you have a family member or relatives in the UK, you also have to declare it on the form.
It is important that you must let the Agency know that you intend to visit them so that you will be forwarded with the Family Visitor form to fill out your relatives or family's name, addresses and immigration status and whether or not you will be staying with them during your stay in the country.
If you have any concern, you can always seek the advice of the expert UK Solicitors who can guide you with the processes.
The Visa costs 205 pounds and provides your travel documents such as passport, a letter of invitation from the company, and photographs as required by the UK Border Agency.

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