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Types of In-Ground Sprinkler Heads

    Spray Heads

    • Spray heads are generally used for smaller lawns because they cover a smaller area. Spray heads distribute water in a fan-shaped pattern and can be spaced up to 18 feet apart depending on your water pressure. They generally need 20 to 30 lbs. per square inch (PSI) of water pressure to work properly.

    Interchangeable Heads

    • If you purchase a sprinkler with interchangeable spray heads, it gives you the option to change the shape and direction of the water flow. Using different heads will allow you to spray in a half circle, or full circle to cover different sized areas of your lawn.

    Additional Heads

    • Additional specialty heads allow patterns that are long or narrow depending on the area that you want to water.

    Rotor Heads

    • Rotor heads operate by fanning water back and forth over an area. Rotor heads cover a larger area per sprinkler head and can be placed between 18 and 55 feet apart. Rotor heads are more expensive and require more PSI than spray heads. Residential application rotor sprinklers generally work best in at 25 to 35 feet apart.

    Impact Rotor

    • The most popular type of rotor head is the impact rotor, which can be distinguished by the sound they make while operating, which sounds like ticking as the rotors spin and disperses water.

    Gear Rotors

    • Gear rotors are quickly replacing the impact rotor because they are quieter and require much less maintenance. They are also smaller in size, which gives you more flexibility in placement locations.

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