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Things i can't live without- Your love

When you start to love someone, its hard to let them go. You are living your life with them, in which they are already part of your life, and same goes to them. That fear of letting go whom already is part of your life is that one fear of a little change with their lives.

The fear of being alone and living life normally without anyone to hold, cuddle, or kiss. The intimacy inside you has gone from a lot of things to nothing. All you can feel is that emptiness inside you.

If the one you love will leave you, don't worry about a thing. You will eventually survive and in time you will be living your life normally as of what was before.Life without love is something that is hard to live without, but eventually you can live without love. Love a feeling and life is the reality. Between fact and fiction, life is a fact and love is a fiction.There is no doubt that a person who is deeply in love with his/her partner will say this kind of words 'I can't live without you'.

Sometimes its nice to hear this kind of words because knowing that you are a very important person in someone else's life is a big thing especially to your partner. But sometimes this words are just too much to believe.Be careful of what you say, because you might drive your love one away. Separating fantasy and reality is big step in being mature in a relationship.

If your love one might leave you, then never say the word 'Don't leave me, I can't live without you'. Because you will sound like something who has nothing without that person.Be positive, if someone breaks up with you then talk it out not like begging for that person to come back to you. You deserve better, and you are better than that.

Be mature when it comes to break up, because this would confused your partner and you don't have regret of saying anything embarrassing. You will eventually move one and you will be living life without love and break ups. 

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