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How to Compare Golf Balls for the Average Golfer

    Ball Type

    • The majority of balls on the market are two piece balls, comprised of a solid rubber core and a plastic shell, known for game improvement or distance. Also available are three-piece hybrid balls with a mantle layer between the rubber core and the shell. Finally, a three- or four-piece performance ball consists of a dual core, a mantle, and the shell.


    • A two-piece ball provides velocity thanks to its large core, thus providing distance, but not as much spin. This reduction in spin will result in a less noticeable hook or slice and thereby provide more straight shots. Hybrids provide an increase in spin while retaining forgiveness of a two-piece. High-spinning performance balls allow for low initial spin and high-iron spin, maximizing driving distance and control around the green but decreasing the margin of error.


    • When composing its Hot List for golf balls in 2010, breaks down pricing into three categories: under $20, $22 to $35, and over $35, with mainly two pieces falling in the cheapest range, and dual core performance balls falling in the latter of the three. The price is dependent on specifications desired by the golfer.

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