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Australia Immigration Facts Revealed

Going to Australia on holiday just to see kangaroos is pretty easy, no matter where you are from.
Go ahead and buy plane tickets, get the your clothes packed up and fly to the Aussie continent.
However, if your plans are to establish yourself in Australia, then there is more than one thing to take into account.
Immigration opportunities to Australia Australia's immigration program is open for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and skills.
One of the most used ways to get a permanent residence visa in Australia is the General Australian Skilled Immigration Program.
Selection of viable candidates for the program is made by testing English language proficiency, qualifications, and work experience.
In other terms, Australia is open for immigrants whom are able to aid the economic process of the country, either by their skill set and qualifications, or by directly investing in industry or commercial branches.
Furthermore, a secondary option for receiving residence visa in Australia is by improving your English language level and score at least 6 points on each IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test.
This way, the immigrant is automatically qualified for a student visa, thus getting in the position of obtaining worldwide recognized qualifications from tertiary institutes in Australia.
Australian Population The laid-back, relaxed living style of Australian people has deemed four cities in this country as being some of the most livable in the world.
Even though there is no official language in Australia, English has always been the primary conversational language - this is why one of the primary criteria of being qualified for immigration is level of English proficiency.
Although it happens mostly in suburban areas, despite other similar regions, Australian night life is at a very high point, and there is no lack of activity at any given time.
Industry and transportation Australia's main industrial activity is agriculture.
Even so, although regular vegetables and fruits are cheap and easy to find (such as carrots or potatoes), others, more exotic fruits are pretty expensive.
However, as a new person in Australia you will find it easy to eat something at decent prices: bread can be bought for as little as 68p, and a whole chicken would start from 7 AUD (Australian Dollars).
Being the second biggest country in vehicle numbers, Australia is very dependent on its road system.
Apart from the almost 915.
000 km of paved and unpaved roads, there is also an extended railroad system used both for public transportation and industry services alike.
Government and healthcare Australia's form of government is constitutional monarchy, this being one of the reasons why immigration is accepted, although under conditions.
Viceroys are representing Queen Elisabeth II who is residing in UK.
Australia has an universal healthcare program provided by the Australian Medicare.
It treats permanent residents and also people who got their permanent residency claims under processing.
Citizens from countries having mutual agreements with Australia will receive a limited 6 months worth of treatment and medical care.
Australia Real Estate Buying real estate in Australia can only be done by permanent residents.
Prices are currently rising, especially in capital cities, but it is still possible to get a good deal in certain areas of the country.
Still, it is strongly advised to get a professional review of a house before buying it, for security reasons.

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