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FitFlop Boots Range Expanded

The FitFlop Mukluk was an enormous success when it was released last year, and rapidly became the bestselling boot from the FitFlop winter collection with stocks depleted in the run up to Christmas last year.
The secret of the success of the boot lies not with its claims to tone the lower body, but with the comfort offered.
FitFlop has long been known as a highly comfortable footwear choice, with FitFlop sandals being the toning sandal of choice, and the only thing to have on the feet in the summer.
The boots increase the comfort further with a super snug design which hugs the feet, ankles and calves and keeps the feet all toasty and warm all winter.
The close fitting design offers a snug fit; however the sheepskin lining will keep the feet and legs from getting sweaty with excellent moisture wicking properties and a highly breathable design.
As the temperatures drop, air trapped in the lining adds to the insulation and a really soft footbed takes all the shockwaves out of walking for maximum comfort wherever and however much you walk.
Whilst the underfoot comfort is exceptional, there are even further benefits to the design.
FitFlop Boots feature a Microwobbleboard midsole, which mimics the toning properties of a wobble board and gets the muscles working harder with each step.
The design mimics walking barefoot in soft sand, which is more beneficial to the body and utilizes a wider range of muscles, whilst providing the right level of support for maximum comfort.
The shoes also correct the posture, helping to get the spine straight and the bones aligned properly for maximum walking efficiency.
The FitFlop Mukluk is sold in an ankle boot or calf boot style, both of which are highly comfortable for the winter; however the range has been boosted this year with an alternative calf boot in the Fitflop Inuk, a shiny metallic puffa snow boot in the FitFlop Snugger and a new line of sexy leather tall boots called FitFlop Superboots.
The styling is first rate, and unlike most toning shoes and boots on the market, the footwear is indistinguishable from any other stylish, fashionable winter boot design, to get the body working without announcing it to the world.
The boots have been independently tested, and the toning technology has been demonstrated to be highly beneficial for the joints, easing the strain and the pain from walking.
The technology helps to get up to 30% more muscle activity in the buttocks, also giving the hamstrings a great workout, with muscle activation increased up to 16%.
This year's new release, FitFlop Superboots is sure to be a best seller, offering exquisite style in leather or suede and far greater cushioning for the joints, reducing the forces acting on the joints by 22% compared to standard boots.

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