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Investing In Your Happiness.

It was the time when we used to go for outing with our friends. Some of my friends were interested in investing their amount in various schemes & plans. One day one of my friends told us that he had heard about some holiday investment in Pancard Clubs. When all of us started investigating about the Pancard Club Investment Scheme, we found out that Pancard Club was a part of Panoramic Universal Ltd. We had some knowledge about Panoramic Universal Ltd. We knew Mr. Sudhir Moravekar as we had seen his interview few days back. They have many hotels & resorts under their management in India as well as abroad. They are even listed in the stock exchange. After our research work we called them for explaining the scheme. They took an appointment from us & said that their representative will come on the schedule date.
On the said date we met Mr. Mitesh Patil from Pancard Clubs. To our surprise he was the manager of Pancard Clubs. On inquiring about why he came instead of sending some representatives, he said the representative who was to meet us had some emergency. So instead of postponing the meeting later he decided to come. Indeed a good gesture by someone who is at a good level in the organization. Mr. Mitesh explained us about the investment. The scheme stated company will offer us certain number of days to stay in their hotels & resorts at a discounted rate. The investment term was for three to ten years approximately. The amount to be invested was directly proportional to the investment term. Similarly, the benefits from the investment differed on the basis of amount invested. When we compared all the schemes available we found that on an average we were getting an average of 2 days of holiday per month starting from the first month.
Mr. Mitesh explained us all the conditions mentioned in the terms & conditions. He even suggested us to review about the same before investing in to the scheme. Every scheme had some or the other benefits. For the scheme which we were interested they were offering us accidental death insurance, life insurance cover & mediclaim benefits.
Apart from this there were two more things which provoked us to invest in the scheme. In fact that was the important thing for us. The investment also allowed us to gift certain days to family & friends. b meant that if we are not able to use our allotted days we can gift them too. Also, If we dont gift them, we can surrender the same back to the company for some amount. If some days are not used we can surrender the same for money.

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