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Starving in Malnourished and by the Way

she read a book about raw food consumption got a rowboat and state from the end of April to the beginning of October on a little island between Sweden Denmark and came back well and because her colleagues were not that it's busy I think about her approach to this uh... if she literally left medicine and open the center when I was there what was really unique for me in my young experience at that point nineteen seventy six is that everyone I had worked with pretty much in the united states in those days where really sick before they would come the Hippocrates it wasn't the same awareness as you understand as there is today
where people are doing this for prevention except you had to be told by some doctor you'regonna die in twenty four hours okay I'll come the pocket for their own putting people of water affairs tour healthy because in Scandinavia centers like Hippocrates a repeat welcome for holidays is a matter of fact we get Scandinavians are all the time but love our polls lover oxygen polls or saunas or schemes are fought our music we have here and all the other thing so they come here for all of this on putting people on water fest that are not already laying down with urn tongue hanging out and guess what some of them start laying down with tongue hanging out and I said wait a minute maybe this idea that water fasting is the best in the purest is not what I think it is a night checked the statistic that still stands today that here in the united states and many western European countries we have far more malnourished net then do many third world countries that part of the pa were part of the population of starving y cause of the rest of the population is eating whole food diets their exercise most people on health food diets here
inn in the west are eating junk food dies one of the many courses we did we take people to uh... an excellent health store we show than eighty five percent with seniors not edible not healthy starting with the supplement section in most cases dealt with that said if you already are Absolute Garcinia starving in malnourished and by the way when you're malnourished it's the beginning of diseases a hundred years ago they never questioned that very or many other diseases came from malnourished today so that we forgot that and main street matters and pal but if you starve yourself for there's a good so if we are going to fast people.

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