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What is a Personal Information in the Resume Or Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

So, how to start your "award-winning" CV or "killer"-resume? You want to know how to write a good CV? Easy! You just should right start, so start from the Personal Information.
What is the "personal information"? Certainly, you must write a CV with your First Name and Last Name.
But not only with it! Write the age (better a date of birth) and the contact information in your CV it is necessary also.
Remember: to contact with you employer has a lot of ways.
Yes, many ways, remember it! And it is necessary to specify as much as possible quantity of these ways which you must write in a CV contacts.
For example, the post address.
Now many of young people mean "the post address" as an "email" (certainly it is must be in CV too), but now I spoke about "usual" mail, about the address where you can receive the PAPER letter! If you are studying and live in other place (not at home) write a CV with both addresses - it is desirable with dates when you can be there or there.
For the employer reading your curriculum vitae (or resume) it should not be puzzle - he will simply look at a calendar and will know where are you now.
Certainly the professional write a CV mean there should be email too (spoke about it above).
And phone, and mobile, and fax numbers if they are.
Internet-phone Skype has an increasing popularity - he can be mentioned in your curriculum vitae too.
But I don't recommend to write in CV your UIN of the ICQ.
The employer will not want to waste time for a chat in ICQ but at the same time he can call through Skype and talk as by phone.
So, below I will write once again the list of all those data which are necessary if you know how to write a CV, sure...
And now let's talk how this personal information should be issued.
I don't mean cv templates - the separate post will be devoted it.
I speak about about strategy of writing CV.
My advice is to write personal contacts given a smaller font, than all other CV part.
Thus attention of the employer don't stop to these data - let reading of all of the rest more likely.
For he(she) it is simply important to know that these data are present in header of CV.
And now employer (if he or she will be interested of the main CV content) can return to the contact information.
However, this council does not concern a name and surname - here it is necessary to write them by a larger font.
Let the person who reads yours CV knows whose resume or Curriculum Vitae he or she reads ;-) It will not damage of your career...
Personal Information of Your Curriculum Vitae Must Include (hope this cv writing tips can help your): - Title (e.
Mr, Mrs, Miss) - First Name - Last Name - Contact Number - Mobile - Your Email - Post Address - City - State - Postcode or Zip - Country - Date of Birth - Marital Status - Dependents - Nationality - (optional) Eligible to work - (optional) Driving License

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