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Why You Are Writing

People write for different reasons, some very personal, some not so. Here are three reasons which probably cover why you spend your time creating content of some sort.

Money. This is the obvious one, I guess. After all you are in internet marketing and it's about making money. But first you have to get some attention, get some traffic, and get some readers, hopefully loyal ones. So you write articles, blog posts and other material to do this. Really, what you're doing is preselling all the time. No products may be mentioned but there are two effects. One is that if you're giving valuable information away for free, then hopefully your paid stuff will be even better. The other is you are aiming to gain trust so that, down the line, people will trust you enough to pay you money for your products.

For you. Of course, you might still be doing it for money, too, but you're also doing it for yourself. That is, you're doing it because you enjoy it. You feel the need to write something and you chose this instead of another type of writing. In any case, there are different types of writing for you to create, such as copywriting, ezine material, comments on blogs and so on. So it's not as if you're restricted to one area. Also, the pieces tend to be shorter usually and you're not having to write a long journalistic piece or write a novel.

In good conscience. The third reason, which can easily be combined with the first two, is that you feel you have something you want to communicate that is worthwhile. You feel, also, that in good conscience to help others, that you ought to get it into the public realm, and there's nothing more public than the internet.

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