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How to Highlight Your Hair

    • 1). Choose a color that blends with your natural hair color. You don't want to add a color that is too different from your natural shade.

    • 2). Comb through your hair removing all the tangles and prepare the color solution as indicated on the box.

    • 3). Divide your hair into small sections by weaving out strands of the hair so that you are lifting up small pieces of hair to color. Place a foil sheet underneath the uplifted strands.

    • 4). Brush the solution on the hair that you have separated and lifted up. Put another piece of foil on top of the hair strands and close the foil paper completely around the strands.

    • 5). Lift another section of hair about an inch away from the first highlighted section of hair. You are only coloring selected sections because you don't want to color all of your hair.

    • 6). Remove the foil after 10 or 15 minutes to check the color--or the time listed in the directions. The longer the solution remains on the hair, the darker the color will be. When you have the color you want, remove all the foil.

    • 7). Wash and rinse your hair out once or twice to remove all the solution. Use cream rinse to soften your hair after the treatment.

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