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Wind and Solar Alternatives

Researchers have discovered that wind and solar alternatives can be used together to create clean, renewable and an inexpensive form of energy that can be used together. Although both forms of energy have the challenge of intermittent behavior dependent on weather conditions, they also complement each other and can be used along with smart grids to supply constant electricity to consumers. Regarding solar energy, batteries have been designed to store energy. This works alongside smart grids to let utility operators know when there is a problem from lack of wind or sun.

Regarding wind and solar alternatives, new means of using these forms of energy are being developed. For instance, on the border of Mexico and the United States, a huge wind tower has been designed to use wind and water to create electricity. The plans indicate that this tower will be 2,250 feet high making it the tallest building in North America. They are calling it a downdraft tower which will eventually produce five hundred megawatts of electricity. This will be sent to the closest grid. It will also use and reuse water to create the downdraft. For wind and solar alternatives, hot and dry climates work best to deliver energy and this part of North America certainly fits the bill. It works by having water shot into the opening of the top of the structure which then infiltrates into the empty cylinder in the center of the tower. The results would be that the air at the top would be heavy with moisture. Air that is filled with moisture or humidity is heavy causing it to drop quite quickly to the lower level of the tower where it turns turbines. That is where the electricity is created.

One of the areas of concern in relation to wind and solar [http://myreviewboost.com/index.php/professional-services/sungate-energy-solutions.html] alternatives is the impact environmentally these huge power plants might inflict. The goal is to try to maintain sound regulations that don't disrupt the ecological habitats of wildlife. That would be counter-productive. The benefit of the wind tower is that it doesn't have the same kind of moving blades that other wind farms have. The greatest aspect of solar panel arrays is that they don't have moving parts that can kill birds or destroy animal habitats.

The main objective with both wind and solar [http://myreviewboost.com/index.php/professional-services/sungate-energy-solutions.html] alternatives is to safely create electricity that can compete with the price of fossil fuel based electricity. While both solar and wind energy farms are expensive to build, they also create the opportunity for cheaper forms of energy.

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