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How to Bleed the Air Out of the Water System in a 2000 Neon

    • 1). Fill the coolant reservoir with the coolant mixture until it is between the "FULL HOT" and "ADD" marks. The reservoir is in the rear right corner of the engine compartment and has a yellow cap labelled "CAUTION ENGINE COOLANT ONLY".

    • 2). Start the car. Run the engine until it warms to normal operating temperature. The fans on the radiator will turn on and then back off. By the time the engine has warmed up, all excess air will have been bled from the system automatically.

    • 3). Stop the car, and wait for the engine to cool. Add coolant until it is between the "FULL HOT" and "ADD" marks. This coolant is replacing the space taken up by air that was bled from the system while running the engine.

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