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How to Replace an Exhaust

    • 1). Crawl under the car and locate the exhaust downtube protruding from the engine. Use the socket wrench to remove the two bolts holding the exhaust clamp in place that secures the exhaust pipe to the downtube.

    • 2). Slide the exhaust back and then locate all of the exhaust hangers (they look like large rubber rectangles) that are holding the exhaust onto the bottom of the vehicle.

    • 3). Remove all of the exhaust hangers and slide the new exhaust system into place under the vehicle. Install all of the exhaust hangers and then slide the exhaust onto the downtube.

    • 4). Tighten the exhaust clamp on the downtube to secure the exhaust tubing to the downtube. Start the car up and listen for any leaks.

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