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Canon PowerShot SD780IS - Slim, Yet Powerful

The Canon PowerShot SD780IS is one of the slimmest cameras on the market.
It measures 87x55x19 mm, and is smaller than a deck of playing cards.
Despite its small size, this 12.
1 MP digital camera leaves a huge impression on everyone who uses it.
You can expect wonderful clarity and quality with this Canon model.
The 3x optical zoom lens can shoot subjects with sharp precision and lifelike color.
Whether you want to take pictures of a landscape, person, animal, flower, etc, you will be happy with the results.
There are 20 shooting modes available, and you can choose advanced presets if you'd prefer not to set everything manually.
The presets will prepare your camera so that it can take the best possible images under various conditions.
If you're concerned about odd contrast, you'll be glad to know that the Canon PowerShot SD780IS utilizes an I-Contrast system, which controls the compensation levels in the pixel units.
What this does is brighten dark areas of photos to allow for natural transition.
The bright areas are left alone, or changed only slightly, while the dark areas are lightened.
Face Detection Technology is used for tracking the faces of subjects.
If you're trying to take a picture of a playing child, for instance, his or her face will be tracked so that the picture will be snapped seamlessly.
You won't have to worry about problems such as blurry images or redeye with this digital camera.
This technology works due to a motion detector that automatically detects facial movements and makes the adjustments accordingly.
The self timer will determine when to take the picture.
If you want to be in the picture, the motion detector will track your footsteps, and the camera will automatically snap the picture whenever it the motion detector senses that you are "ready".
The Canon PowerShot SD780IS has many other amazing features, such as the red-eye detection setting.
With this setting, you can manually locate any red-eyes in a scene when playing back images on the LCD screen.
When you spot them, you can easily remove them with the push of a button! As for camera effects such as shaking, this Canon PowerShot has an ISO 1600 setting that reduces camera shaking effects, and provides you with more shooting flexibility.

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