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Small Businesses Can Try This For Quick Results

Here is what you do.
Read the first half of this article as a pre-requisite for understanding why this works and then read the second half and try it and see what happens.
The flaw in our thinking resides in our unnoticed assumption that what is called now is actually the past.
We live as though we are living in the 'now' when if you look closely you can not see 'now' until after it has shown up to be recognized, to interpret and give meaning to.
It is done rather fast, but none the less, it is done by reading the initial moments of the past.
Why is this so? Physicists have long ago demonstrated that energy precedes everything but this is something that is meaningless to us as we haven't been able to see any real benefit in realizing it until perhaps now.
The appearance of life, the initial instant of say a phone call from potential client, or the next person stepping onto the car lot or in your store, is preceded by energy.
That appearance passes as quickly as it appeared and in its wake appears the next instant to be experienced and it is gone forever as well.
This life process is eternal.
Energy is recognized in our feelings and emotions and we can deliberately reach for better feelings thoughts.
That instant is important.
That phone call will be what? Looking from the future, what are we expecting?What we give attention to is either the past or what is just in front of it.
Everything arises from your intention.
And your intention is to create what is desired in the immediate future.
What are the feelings and emotions desired that you see in the near future? There is no 'distant future'.
Ask your team to engage in a conversation for what they see they should be readying themselves for.
As business is flourishing once again, what will it look like for them? Have them share what they see.
How would they wish to see it? Ask them to distinguish what would leave them unprepared to take advantage of the new times coming? You could have a discussion about the content of this article.
Remember it should be a fun exercise.
Remember also, the energy you are giving attention must be worthwhile, happy and joyful.
Some will find it difficult, that's okay.
They can be the board writer or have them speak about the things they enjoy.
And keep it simple.
The concentrated 30 minutes or so time spent focusing in what is in front of the present, will prove to have been valuable time spent.

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