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Ebook Marketing: Super Advanced Tips

Let's get atypical when it comes to getting attention for your ebook.
Remember, an eBook can be a PDF, a Kindle book, an iPad edition, and many other things.
But they all have one thing in common, they need to be promoted!And being different, and intense, or funny is what attracts attention.
We definitely want to get as much attention as we possibly can.
So take a look at strong techniques that will launch your product out to the whole planet.
Viral Buzz: People love video and people love fun and people love to be shocked.
Take an aspect of your product and turn it into a funny or intense character.
If your product is a guide on how to sell on eBay, make a character called the eBay Wizard.
Get a friend of yours to play this character.
Get a cheap camera like a Flip camera from Amazon.
Now give him a crystal ball to hold in his lap and let him start "channeling" the eBay gods.
Social Blast: Next, blast every major social media at that vide.
Digg it, email all your friends, create a Facebook Fan Page around that video, create a Twitter account for it, set up a LinkedIn account for it, and also create one at Foursquare.
How do you like that?Now push everyone from all your social media accounts to your Wizard video on YouTube.
Make sure you put your website's domain name at the end of the video, and put a clickable link right at the very beginning of the video description Happy yet?You want to push everything toward that video and then the video pushes everyone toward your blog or sales page.
I recommend you push people toward an opt in page and give them a free gift in exchange for their email address.
The free gift can be a 10 page intro to your eBay Master course.
This way you create a relationship between you and your customers.
Press Release: Next, write a quick press release about the crazy eBay Wizard video.
Write like you are a journalist who has just discovered a strange and popular phenomenon on the Internet.
Talk about how popular the video is and how many fans it is making.
Use free and paid press release sites and push it out to the whole planet.
Give it the same social media treatment that you gave your viral video.

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