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How to Unlock Callsigns & Emblems

    • 1). Get emblems like chevrons and stars that you might find on actual military uniforms by moving up in rank. For example, you get the basic chevron at level 2, and three stars when you reach level 62.

    • 2). Make game-winning kills to earn other emblems. If you finish off the match with a stealth bomber kill, you get a stealth bomber emblem. You earn other emblems by completing the same task with Harriers and Pave Lows.

    • 3). Complete challenges to unlock emblems. You earn a shield with a shark on it by finishing the "Sponge III" challenge, which requires you to absorb 50,000 in damage with a riot shield. Kill multiple enemies by sticking a Semtex grenade to one of them, and you get a target emblem by completing the "Group Hug" challenge.

    • 4). Achieve certain tasks in a single game to unlock other emblems. You get an emblem with binoculars if you manage to kill three enemies from a distance (such as with a sniper rifle) without dying. Earn a figure that looks like Mario in military fatigues by getting a killstreak of 10 with no killstreak rewards equipped.

    • 5). Use perks to your advantage to get additional emblems. If you equip "Last Stand," which allows you to survive an initial attack and pull out your pistol, you can survive if you do not take more damage. Succeed at this, and you earn an emblem featuring a Phoenix.

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