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Best Golf Birthday Gift Ideas for your Special Someone

Anything about golf birthday gift will do for a person who loves the sport and the discipline it entails. For someone special, a well-thought of golf birthday gift would be perfect!

Jasmine, a friend of mine, had been dating Bryan for quite sometime. Both of them met in one of the most popular online dating site. She wants to give him a unique birthday gift that is related to golf as he is an avid golfer. I told her that she can give him anything related to golf but she should be creative if she really wants to please him. There are plenty of golf items that are already out in the market and it is up to her which among these products to give as a golf present.

In the case of Jasmine, she has already established a close relationship with Bryan and she wants to surprise him with a golf birthday gift that would touch his heart and make him remember his first birthday with Jasmine. Given the status of their relationship, I told her to look for something personal and memorable even if it is a golf birthday gift.

If she really wants to give Bryan a golf item as birthday gift but at the same time she wants the gift to be something special, then I suggested something sweet and less expensive like a specially designed birthday cake with a golf motif. Like Jasmine, you can also have any kind of cake baked but make sure the decoration and the theme are all about golf. The cake can be turned into an edible miniature golf course with matching golfer putting on the course.

The golf birthday cake I suggested to Jasmine was a hit as Bryan got so thrilled he finally asked her to be his steady date. Choosing a golf birthday cake can also bring wonders between you and your boyfriend. Such a golf birthday gift would mean a lot to him as it means you care enough about him to think of his favorite sport as the main theme for your gift.

There are however other options for golf birthday gifts for men like golf accessories including golf clubs, balls and golf bags. If you want to give a golf birthday gift that would physically stand the test of time and if money is not an issue then why not give your special someone something more expensive but very useful like golf club? There are different kinds of golf clubs to choose from as a birthday gift and you have to choose the type which suits his personality.

If your special someone is just starting out, the best golf item as a birthday gift you can give him would be a golf teaching video or book. He will definitely cherish the thought as well as the golf birthday gift itself as it will be very useful to him in and out of the golf course. If he is already an avid golfer then he will most probably have several golf teaching aids already but any avid golfer can never have too many golf aid books. Like all golfers, your special someone will welcome any addition to his golf aid collection because it will help him improve their game.

There are DVDs about the life of famous golfers and getting one as a gift for the love of your life would be ideal. Any person who loves golf can learn a thing or two from the masters just by watching their life stories and how they play their game. Golf videos as a birthday gift would be a welcome addition to the collection of any golfer.

If your man loves to read then an annual subscription of a golf magazine would also be an ideal golf birthday gift. Getting the golf magazine every month will make him remember you every time he receives the subscription and every time he looks at those magazines.

Golf is an activity that keeps any person fit because it provides a leisurely excuse to exercise. If you want to encourage your loved one to get a good dose of exercise, give him a golf birthday gift. Who knows, he will start to love the sport if he is not already addicted to it.

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