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Freshwater Aquarium Fish - General Care and Filtration

If given proper care, your freshwater aquarium fish can live from three to seven years or even longer.
A lot of new hobbyists are surprised to find out that the normal lifespan of a typical aquarium fish is measured by years and not by months.
Fish can live longer and healthier lives and surprisingly some of them grow larger in aquariums than they do in the wild.
How is this possible? Well because by nature, a fish's food supply comes and goes with the changing of the seasons and weather patterns.
This means that the amount of food may be limited and it will take a lot of energy to find enough to survive in the wilderness.
Your number one goal if you own freshwater fish is that you want to give them an environment that's really close to their natural environment.
One of the most basic things you need for your freshwater aquarium fish's general care is the filter.
There are actually 3 types of filter namely biological, mechanical and chemical.
Biological filtration is very important in eliminating toxic wastes which can cause illness to your fish.
Sponge filters function by passing water over an absorbent sponge where bacteria are allowed to grow.
It's important for the sponge not to be cleaned or dried out because this will simply destroy the nitrifying bacteria.
Sponge filters are good if you don't want to take the risk of small fish being sucked up by the strong currents of canister filters or overflows.
If you happen to have bubble-eyed goldfish, the sponge filter is your best option.
Sponge filters are motorized by air pumps or small water pumps.
Another filter that you can consider for your freshwater aquarium fish is the mechanical filter which is really ideal for keeping the water clear and debris-free.
Mechanical filtration simply means the elimination of particulate matter from the tank.
Canisters and power filters are good examples of mechanical filters in which water is forced through some pleated cartridge.
The last type, chemical filter, is used to remove things that are dissolved in the water.
These things cannot be removed using mechanical filters.
Chemical filtration is the method used to remove the yellow color substance that develops in the aquarium over time.
The most common is activated carbon which traps various substances in its minute pores.

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