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How to Lay Tile Wire

    • 1). Vacuum the floor so it is free of dirt and debris.

    • 2). Measure the floor with a measuring tape. Transfer the measurements to roofing felt.

    • 3). Lay roofing felt on the subfloor. Cut away the excess roofing felt from the sides of the room with a utility knife.

    • 4). Transfer the floor measurements to the 2.5-lb. metal lath reinforcing wire. Cut the wire to size with tin snips. Use a staple gun to attach the wire to the floor.

    • 5). Mix the mortar in a bucket per manufacturer directions. Spread the mortar on the floor, on top of the reinforcing wire. Smooth the mortar so it is flat and level before letting it dry per manufacturer directions.

    • 6). Tile over the mortar bed.

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