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Would You Be Interested in Losing Twenty Pounds

In order for someone to lose 20 pounds, in a month you need to set a reasonable goal of losing approximately 2 to 3 pounds a week. However, it is possible to lose more weight in a week, so say for instance that you want to lose 5 pounds a week. There will need to be a considerable amount of increase in your daily exercises.

Be sure that there is plenty of mobility throughout your daily schedule; many times people want to lose weight. However, they do not understand that you cannot lose 20 pounds in a month just by sitting around the house you have to be active in order to lose weight. In addition, hard work pays off for many people that are trying to lose the weight in a month, the more hard work you put into a diet. The better your chances will be of losing that unsightly body fat. In addition, be sure to eat foods that contain low carbs for carbs add weight to your body, and you do not want to add weight you want to lose weight in a month instead.

Here are a few things that need to be, removed from your diet in order for you to be successful in a month.

Sugar, junk food, and butter,
As well as fatty foods, deserts, and ranch dressing just to name a few.

Here are a few things that maybe added to your diet if desired.

Fruits, diary products, and more vegetables
Grains, fiber, lean meat, and lots of protein maybe added to your diet.

Be sure that you are getting plenty of water a day, 8 eight ounces glasses or more of water a day should be plenty, but more will not hurt Have you ever heard the saying nothing can hurt me but only make me stronger, well the same applies for water.

Any type of candy has always been a downfall for people trying to lose weight especially chocolate, chocolate is very addicting, and could result in added weight, because chocolate contains many carbohydrates.

Many people fail to eat a good balanced breakfast every morning, because many times we are too busy to eat breakfast in the morning, due to our busy schedule. However, in order for a diet to be successful, a well balanced breakfast consisting of two hard boiled eggs for women will be sufficient, and men may be able to consume four hard boiled eggs a day, and still be able to lose weight successfully. While you are enjoying your daily breakfast drink non-fat diary milk, like 2% milk would be fine. 2 % vitamin D contains high amounts of protein, sodium and carbohydrates.

Moreover, if you are trying to lose 20 pounds a month then a good salad will be a great way to lose weight as well. Many times people would rather eat junk food such as hamburgers or chicken, which contains large amounts of saturated fats, because they are, fried foods. Therefore, next time you go out to eat order you a salad you never know you may like it.

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