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What Freelance Web Designer Should Do When Idle

So, you have started research on life of Freelance web designer I think. Well, becoming freelance web designer brings lots of benefits to your professional as well as personal life. Now a day if you look around you will find most of techie persons related to web development industries turning themselves into freelancer website designer rather than working like a robot in any development company for more than nine hours. Working as freelance web designer is not as easy as you guys thinking. It's quite challenging work. As a freelance web designer you may have to face some period without doing nothing or like you can down phase in your work. There are occasions when you may not get projects or work. You can do lots of interesting and creative stuff rather seating idle during dry days of your work.

Things that a freelance web designer can do while no work or when idle!
Well, what you guys do when there is no work or no more projects to do? Some of you may be seat in front of computer and start playing games or surfing without any idea or may be some of you guys can get stressed by thinking about future and may spoil or ruin days or weeks without doing nothing. You can make plan and take the advantage of your free time, below I tried to list out some of cool things which you can do while nothing to do and make your waste time into best one.
•            Start working on big projects which takes more time to complete, in other words take long term projects rather than small ones so you can get yourself occupied even when you don't have more projects to do. Don't wait for deadlines of your projects.

•     Showcase your work through updating or creating your work portfolio. It's show time dude. Its trend now a day to showcase what you have and what you do because people will notice your work only if you showcase it in right way.

•    Start experiment on your framework or template or design themes. Yes, this is one thing that can help you to achieve new things by experiments. You can make modification in themes or templates to fulfill your needs.

•    Start coding or learn basics of coding and create your own new templates or themes or if you are Wordpress designer then start creating your own plugins to make some money by putting them for sale.

•    Try to go in little more depth about designing and use innovative ideas for designing, which will at the end help you to sharp your skills and also increase your designing speed. In short enhance your designing skills through different techniques.

•    Try your hands on writing. Yeah, this sounds little bit strange as you are techie person but as you are creative person you can surely apply your ideas and knowledge in other innovative things and writing is most interesting thing for creative person to showcase his thoughts to the world. Also you can get more opportunities to get hired as content writer as well.

•    Make new contacts with other companies or client is beneficial to you as you can get more new clients and can get more work and can earn more money.

•    Try to get master yourself in photography as pictures are main part of designing. Try to capture some quality pictures can help you in your designs too. You can either capture textures or any other locations or stuffs which you can use in your design as well.

•    Try with new CMS. Learn latest CMS through tutorials. Also should get yourself master in coding as well which can help you create plugins or themes your own.

Apart from above ideas you can do many things like can create your own blog or site and start posting your tutorials about designing on it.

So, I can say from the discussion that there is lot more things you can do when you are free or having no work, in fact if you will do things which I mentioned you will surely get benefits from it so try it.

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