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Always Take Care to Clean Aquarium

Cleaning your fish aquarium is not a difficult task, but you must still take care to use the proper methods in order to avoid injury to your fish or damage to your equipment.
The very first step you should take when preparing to clean your fish tank is to unplug the heater.
This is the most common omission.
Allow the heater to rest for at least twenty minutes after disconnection.
The heater must be allowed this time to cool in the water.
Removing it too early could cause the glass to crack and the heater to be permanently damaged.
Next, remove all decorations and accessories from the tank.
At this point, you will want to clean the gravel.
It is a good idea to invest in a gravel cleaner to avoid having to get your hands wet cleaning the old fashioned way, or just replace the gravel each time you clean.
Drain the aquarium and fill a bucket with the dirty water.
The aquarium filters are the next things to clean.
Aquarium filters grow friendly bacteria in fish tanks.
In order to avoid cleaning all of that good bacteria away, it is important to disassemble the filters and clean them in the old tank water.
This water still contains the necessary bacteria to maintain a healthy tank.
When the filters are replaced in the new tank water the bacteria they still hold will naturally spread and grow in the tank.
So, take your filters apart and clean them in the bucket before replacing them in the tank.
After you have cleaned everything in the tank, and the tank itself, you will be ready to put fresh water into the tank.
If you are refilling with tap water, you will want to use a neutralizer to purify the water of tap chemicals.
This is an inexpensive product that is easily purchased at any pet store.
Be very careful to bring the tank water to temperature so there is no more than one or two degrees difference between the water in the tank and the water from which you are transferring your fish.
Such care will avoid any injury to your pets.
It is recommended that you change the water in your tank every week and clean your aquarium filters once or twice each month.
Taking care that your fish have a clean habitat in which to live is a very important part of raising beautiful, healthy fish with a long lifespan.
Be sure to take care and to take your time when cleaning your aquarium, in order to get the best possible results from your efforts.
The cleaning process is not something that should be rushed or taken lightly.

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