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Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie of Mixology

Kim Rosenberg and Meghann Novinskie both worked for mainstream heterosexual matchmakers and often thought there should be such a service for the LGBT community. When they ran into each other at a matchmaking conference in Las Vegas, the idea started to become a reality. They had met before and each respected the work of the other, but the sparks were more than just professional. Kim and Meghann launched Mixology in Washington, DC in 2009 and started dating soon after.

Now the two run Mixology and help LGBT clients find dating and life partners in DC, Los Angeles ,San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, Atlanta, and San Diego.

Lesbian Life: Together you run Mixology - Matchmaking with a Twist, a match making service for the LGBT community. What kind of person uses your services? What determines if someone is "qualified" for your services?

Kim and Meghann:Typically Mixology clients are very selective. They want an efficient way of meeting other intelligent, successful, relationship-minded individuals like themselves. Mixology clients are proactive. They don't sit and wait for Ms. or Mr. Right to ring their doorbell. They know what they want in a relationship and future partner, and they are able to articulate it to us. A "qualified" member is someone who is ready to be in a relationship and who is stable in both their personal and professional life.

If I came to you to find a date, what would you want to know from me?

First off, we meet with a client in person to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

During the client interview, we discuss topics such as past relationships, current dating challenges, lifestyle, life stage, and the potential client's desired personality and physical types in a future partner. We ask potential clients to be fully open with us so we understand their wants and needs and how we might be able to help them. Hiring a matchmaker isn't for everyone - which is why our interview is an effective way to screen potential members.

And where would you find potential dates for me?

Most Mixology clients are matched within our well-qualified, pre-screened client database. For more discerning clients or those who live outside of the geographic regions we currently have clients, we will recruit outside of our database. We have more than 14 years of experience in the industry, so we have deep connections within the LGBT community and matchmaking industry that provide us with the ability to find our clients matches outside our network, if necessary.

How many dates could I expect you to set me up on?

The number of dates a client goes on depends completely on the client. More open-minded clients typically date more often than those members who limit themselves -- whether it be geographically, age bracket, race, level of education, or profession -- to a specific type of person. After an in-person interview, we are able to give a client an idea of how often we think she or he will be matched based on the client's parameters.

Is it hard to find dates for lesbian clients?

We have years of success in finding dates for our lesbian clients, though we hear from our members that many mature, intelligent, stable lesbians find it difficult to screen and "set up dates" on their own. This is one of the main reasons we launched Mixology in the first place.

In what ways are your lesbian clients different from gay men?

While we find there are more similarities than differences, in general, women tend to be quicker to want an exclusive relationship with their potential mate. Every client differs, regardless if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. With all of our clients, we take into consideration the characteristics of the person and their lifestyle to assess who is the best match for them at that time, regardless of their sex.

What can lesbians do to make themselves ready for dating?

Reflect. There is nothing more frustrating than meeting with someone who desperately wants a long-term relationship but hasn't taken the time to reflect on past relationships and what they need to do to move forward. Most of our clients have had significant relationships in their life prior to hiring us. It's important for someone to be able to articulate to us how those relationships have helped shape their ideas for a future partner and partnership.

You are also a couple. How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends about 10 years ago, but we reconnected at a matchmaking conference in Las Vegas. We were aware of each other's success in the industry working at that time with a heterosexual clientele. We kept in contact over the years and eventually began working together when we launched Mixology. We started dating after we opened Mixology's flagship office in Washington DC.

Does being matchmakers help or hurt your relationship?

Being experienced matchmakers in both the LGBT and hetero world has, by the nature of the business, helped us understand the issues and nuances of relationships. We are both comfortable with open communication, which allows us to effectively navigate the ups and downs of our own relationship. Professionally and personally, we constantly analyze all relationships we encounter, so we may never know if we are over-analyzing our own relationship. It's something we both naturally do!

What else do you want to tell us about Mixology and how can people find out more information if they're interested?

If someone is interested in Mixology, the next step is to call us. We are a completely offline, personal matchmaking agency, meaning we use our expertise and not Internet software or an algorithm to match our clients. We start with an introductory conversation to see if an interview is appropriate. If a candidate fits the profile of a potential Mixology member, we conduct and in-depth interview to see if we can work together, and if so, in what capacity. We have offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., with clients in eight cities nationally. We can be reached at (888) RDY-2-MIX (or 888-739-2649. Sending in an inquiry to our website works as well -

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