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How to Remove Glue From a Polyester Top

    • 1). Dip a rag into some nail polish remover that contains acetone and dab it onto the glue spot. The acetone in the remover helps remove the bond the glue has on the clothing.

    • 2). Rub the glue spot on the polyester top with a hard-bristled toothbrush. Small bits and pieces of the glue are going to peel and flake off.

    • 3). Repeat the nail polish remover and toothbrush steps again to remove the rest of the glue.

    • 4). Scrub the glue spot gently with an emery board if some of it remains. Don't scrub too hard because the the emery board may damage the clothing.

    • 5). Pour some laundry detergent onto the glue spot and mix it in with your fingers.

    • 6). Throw the polyester top into the wash and turn the water level to as high as the machine can go without shrinking the polyester. When you remove the top from the wash, the glue stain should be completely gone.

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