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Bionicle Birthday Party Ideas

    Preparing for Battle

    • Allow the kids to engage in imaginary combat in homemade Bionicle gear. Create Bionicle costume accessories for each child as they play various combat games. Use volleyball arm pads to start the "armor" for the child. Cardboard squares painted in metallic colors work well as the exterior armor of the Bionicle costume. Staple the cardboard to the elbow and knee pads using an industrial-strength staple gun. Swimming goggles can also work for a face shield if you use a small piece of cardboard to create the mask, but cut two holes out for the eyes.

    Balloon Dodge Ball

    • Now that the children have Bionicle costumes, they can utilize their armor in a game of balloon dodge ball. Take the children outside and have them line up against a wall. For younger children, throw empty balloons at them and have them dodge the balloons or block them using their newfound Bionicle armor. Older children may enjoy a game of water balloon dodge balloon in which they must run from one end of a yard to the other to get to safety. The person throwing the balloons should stand in a stationary position and try to hit the players with water balloons as they run to the opposite end of the yard. At the end of the game, the player soaked with the least amount of water wins.

    Decor Style

    • The Bionicle characters are from outer space. They live in a foreign land that can be recreated at your party. Create a variety of landscapes that could be found on another planet. Great options include deserts, regions of extreme cold and mountainous regions. Get creative with decorating various areas of your party space as if they were all part of a foreign planet's terrain. Cover a dessert table in white pillow filling. Place a silver platter on top and place an ice cream maker on the platter. This area is the area of winter. Hang snowflakes from the table here. Disseminate food based on the theme of each area. For example, place hot wings inside a large bread loaf shaped like a volcano.

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