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How to Become a Player - 7 Simple Steps

The dream of almost all men is to become a ladies, or a player, if you would.
I mean, who wouldn't want to be known as the guy who could get any girl he wanted? The only problem to this dream is that there aren't really any guidelines on how to become a player.
Well, now there is :) 1.
Become confident.
Confidence is the key to anything (free life lesson there).
Confidence will come from knowing what you have to do to get a girl, and knowing that you can do it.
It's sort of a natural result of learning how to get girls, but its still number 1 on the list for learning how to become a player.
Become very skilled in the art of approaching women.
Learn the art of conversation.
This skill will be your greatest asset when dealing with women.
Learn how to direct a conversation towards a desired action.
That is in the course of the conversation, give her an excuse to go on a date, back to your place, etc...
Understand what it takes in order to move from conversation to kissing.
Understand what it takes to turn a woman on.
Learn how to provide the woman with the most pleasurable experience possible, whether that be a sexual experience or not.
There is a common misconception out there that you have to look a certain way, or have certain things, in order to be successful with women.
This is 100% FALSE.
I mean just look around.
How many times have you seen an unattractive guy with an unbelievably beautiful girl? Is it by chance that such an unattractive guy was with such a gorgeous girl? Possibly, but it is most likely because that guy understands how women work, and what he has to do in order to succeed with them.

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