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How to Decorate a Baby's Room in Moon & Stars

    • 1). Paint the nursery's walls a pale yellow or midnight blue shade to set the tone for a celestial theme. To lighten up dark walls, hang a yellow sun, moon and star-patterned wallpaper border. Add pizazz to yellow walls with a dark blue wallpaper border featuring white moon and star designs.

    • 2). Decorate floors with themed rugs. Add softness to tile or wood floors with star and moon-shaped rugs. Choose traditional yellow or white rugs, or get creative with pink, blue or green star and moon-inspired floor coverings. Another option is to place a large blue rug featuring yellow moon and star shapes in the center of the room.

    • 3). Hang a celestial-themed crib mobile. Send baby off to dreamland with rotating sun, moon and star shapes. Enhance crib bedding with charming star-shaped pillows.

    • 4). Update worn nursery furniture with paint. Enhance the crib and dresser with nontoxic white paint. Use stencils to create yellow and blue star and moon patterns on the furniture.

    • 5). Complete the celestial look with moon and star decor details. Enhance a ceiling fan with a star or moon-shaped chain pull. Replace boring light switch covers with dark blue versions featuring tiny white star designs. Place glow-in-the-dark star decals on the nursery ceiling.

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