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Meditations For Manifesting - Manifest Your Desires

Rachel wanted to buy a new car for a long time.
She was up to 190,000 miles on her fifteen year old Honda.
It rattled and shook when she drove it.
She didn't think it was safe to drive any longer.
The problem was she just did not have the money to pay outright and her credit was bad.
Rachel had been trying to "manifest" a new car using The Law of Attraction and concepts in The Secret.
No matter how much she visualized or affirmed her new car was coming, she still had her old car in her life.
Since she had been doing this for about a year without results, she started to think she must be doing something wrong.
Rachel had a friend that taught people how to use the Law of Attraction and other spiritual techniques to manifest desired results in their lives.
Her friend told her that Rachel's feelings about her old car was controlling what she attracted.
You attract what you feel.
Her friend told her that obviously she was feeling the emotions associated with an undesirable vehicle because that was what sat in her parking lot.
Quite often we are not aware of our feelings about subjects.
We learn to tolerate them.
We can only rid ourselves of their power when we release them.
This was a bit unbelievable to Rachel.
She pondered this idea.
She was attracting her old car against her will, because she was not aware of her emotions about it? Apparently this was the case.
Her friend continued to explain, there is a way to get those negative feelings to the surface so they can be released.
Once these feelings are released she can do her visualization about the new car.
The Law of Attraction will then be able to bring in something new.
The secret to success lie in a meditation for manifesting.
Rachel was told to imagine she was taking a ride in her old car, while paying attention to how she feels.
As Rachel imagined she walked into the parking lot and looked at her old car, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.
Gosh, she was never aware of how much seeing her car upset her before.
Then she mentally drove it.
The car rattled.
The steering wheel felt loose and didn't control the car well.
She felt insecure and frightened.
Again, Rachel was amazed at how she had gotten used to this feeling, was tolerating and numb to it.
She speculated that perhaps we don't feel because it is too painful.
Her friend said, "Now that you feel the negative, find a place in your body these feelings are lodged.
You might feel fear in your throat area, embarrassment in the pit of your stomach.
Look for a feeling of uneasiness or unrest.
This was critical to her releasing them.
" Then Rachel was told to "see" these feelings.
They could be seen as a dark cloud, a crying child, a laughing witch or whatever came into her mind.
Just as Rachel saw her image, she was told to send it up to an infinite source of spiritual power which could heal all things.
As she did this, she felt cleared and peaceful.
She was a bit shocked at how relieved she felt so directly.
Her friend told Rachel to now visualize driving her new car.
She was to give thanks to her omnipotent higher power that it was in her life, coming to her for highest good of all.
Rachel enjoyed the feelings this visualization gave her.
A short while after this Rachel got a desperate call from a friend.
This friend had to quickly relocate to another city for her employer and needed to offload her car.
Since her employer was giving her a hefty bonus for speed, she could sell the car at a loss.
Rachel got the car for highly affordable payments and found herself shortly after that in a safe vehicle.

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